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Blackjack 21 brings the words most popular cardgame to your iPhone/iPod with compelling realism. Incorporating actual game play gestures, true-to-life animation and high resolution graphics Blackjack 21 plays like the real thing.

Tap the chips to quickly place a bet, Swipe down to hit, swipe up to split your hand and as the cards glide onto the table you swipe across to stand. Gameplay is super fluid and the perfect way to fill in that extra five minutes.

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Customize Cards and Table

From Taipei to Santa Fe choose from an expanding free online library of custom card and table themes.

Hang with the high rollers

Once your virtual benjamins start to stack up you can compare your prowess with others by posting your best round to our online Blackjack community.

Gameplay variations

Control freaks will high five when they discover the many customizable parameters including: minimum bet, hi-low count, dealer hit, insurance, surrender option and about a billion others.


Challenge yourself by fulfilling achievements such as winning five consecutive hands, your first five grand and drinking four cocktails in two minutes. Ok perhaps not the last one.

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