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Mahjong Solitare, one of the most popular games of all time, returns in this definitive edition. Whether you have two minutes or two hours you'll quickly lose yourself in this classic tile-matching obsession.

Pair tiles to dismantle hundreds of intricate structures or try to predict the ever-changing matches in the unique Windstorm mode. Shanghai's compelling animation, sound and one-tap access to an expanding online collection of artwork ensures the game will always stay fresh.

Shanghai Mahjong has been carefully designed to look amazing on whichever device you decide to run it on: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Macintosh.

"This is arguably the best digital version of the game I’ve ever played" - macgamer.com
"Shanghai Mahjong app is the best Mahjong app available on iTunes" — slapapp.com

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Pocket Dynasty

Shanghai Mahjong for the iPhone and iPod Touch brings you just the right balance of gorgeousness and gorgeosity with new 3D-like tiles that stack on an unlimited selection of gameboards.

Customize the look with a touch

Those that think that classic Mahjong is so 1924 can rest easy. Now you can choose from an ever expanding library of tilesets to keep the game fresh. From Fractals to trippy Polish cinema we automatically make new sets available as they're cranked off the production line.

Challenging and Varied Gameplay

From fast five minute games to extended head scratchers, Shanghai has more layouts than Frank Lloyd Wright could shake his cane at. Quickly choose from over 200 layouts or select one at random one each time you start a game.

Unlimited Backgrounds

Further personalize the look of the game with an unlimited selection of backgrounds. Choose images from your photo album or from an expanding selection of custom designed artwork.

Global Leaderboards & Achievements

Wondering if you're king of the tile heap? Now you can see how you stack up against friends and other players world wide. From Morphious Moves to Slaying Dragons Shanghai's 33 built-in Game Achievements are guaranteed to test your zen-mettle in new and challenging ways.