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Are you ready for a cerebral smack down or is Encyclopedia Trivianica your middle name?

With a mind swelling 2,500 questions spanning a range of topics, Obsessed with... provides a solid 200 hour fix for even the most diehard fact junkies.

Based on the best selling series of books these games feature original high quality questions that'll test your knowledge in fun and varied ways.

Best of all the data has been compiled by professional authors so quiz rounds are accurate and you're assured of a unique and interesting question every time.

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Choose between a quick Q&A dash or a minutiae marathon

Whether you're simply wanting a five minute diversion or dying to know if your knowledge outpaces others Obsessed with Hollywood delivers. From the most popular movie moments to obscure factoids in categories such as Classic Films, Directors, Celebrity Icons, Guilty Pleasures and more.

I'll Take A for Addictive

Captivating animations, high quality content and tireless answer helpers keep the game alive round after round. We've included just the right mix of topics to keep you coming back for more— from pfft! easy to those that'll sort the left brain from the right.

Global Leaderboards & Achievements

Wondering if you out-obsess the obsessives? Now you can see how you knowledge compares against friends and other players world wide. From Degrees of Bacon to Savant Sweeps, Obsessed with Hollywood's built-in Game Achievements are guaranteed to test your grey matter in new and challenging ways.